Are you  beauticians, or therapists? Do you want to learn new treatments to offer more services for your clients, or you feel frustrated with your new equipment and you want to improve your skills to retain your clients in your business? If yes,
Our training is designed for you.
Why choosing us?
We don’t work with any specific brand for selling products of machines, because we keep neutral and we only suggest according to everyone’s different needs.
Many schools provide short training but it is not enough complete to really understand everything which can give opportunities to really practice.
We work only with the best trainer and selected trainee. Quality is the most important thing for us. You finish the training and you can really start working to build up your career or clientele. Your profile is studied and each professional trainer has long experience in beauty and medical industry.
Our training program are organized only on weekends or Sunday and Monday.
Your profile and situation will be analyzed personally, because you are unique and after our training, you have one to two month to practice then pass your exam to obtain your diploma.
We offer you one hour of personal consultation after the training because we will study your equipment or business model in order to give the best advice according to your needs, questions or doubts.
We would like to create a warm community to help you to grow your career and business, build up a close network in the industry.
Our training can be given in French, Portuguese or Spanish. Soon in English and Chinese.





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Institut above the sky
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