Hormone balancing detox slimming program

25 March 2019 | Health and beauty tips

28 day hormone and slimming reset program 

The Hormone and slimming Reset challenge will show you how to reset and balance your hormones so that you feel energised, shed a few kilos and learn how to stabilise your weight through nutrition, movement, high tech treatments and a healthy mind-set.  Kerry will guide you through the 28 day process so that you have personalised support through the whole program. Sophie will send you weekly mission to achieve and perform personalised high tech treatments with ultrasound, RF and energetic body massages to eliminate the toxine and tonifie your body.  Stella will be the one who will help you for personalised sport coaching sessions during these 28days. You will also have continuous support from group members in the private FB group.

In the masterclass and program we will address

  • How the hormones interact and affect each other
  • Why blood sugar affects hormone balance and how to keep it stable
  • The Role of the gut bacteria and liver health in hormone balancing
  • Foods that help keep hormones in check, and health fads that are damaging
  • The effects of stress and how to balance the stress response
  • Supplement suggestions 
  • Test options for a deep dive into whats happening

Follow up meeting 

We will go through any challenges, changes, questions you may have.

A deeper look at Oestrogen and the detox process 

Testing Thyroid hormones –What to ask your Dr

You will complete and return a health questionnaire prior to starting the programme. Should you have any specific requirements or concerns that need to be taken into account eg: Thyroid Autoimmune disease, a 20 min 1-1 with Kerry will be arranged. 

What you will receive:

1 x Food List

This lists all the foods that you CAN eat while on the programme.

3 x Recipes

A selection of delicious food, soup and juice recipes to help you plan your menu.

1 x Shopping List

A list of foods

1 x Workbook

The workbook contains the following which should be completed according to the instructions:

2 x Data Collection Sheets

One of these sheets needs to be filled in prior to the programme starting and the other needs to be filled in on completion of the programme. 

10 E- Books on health and beauty tips

Personalised Mindfulness meditation help you to fix your objective and reach your goal easily

Weekly videos and article QA support

3sessions of personalised sport coaching adapted to your own physical condition,  lifestyle and rhythm 

6 sessions of high tech treatments

price at 999sfr instead of 1780sfr

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