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Chinese medicine focus on the communication between the different organic functions, closely related to each other by a current of energy, called “chi” or “Qi”. According to this principle, the diseases from blockages or energetic imbalances. All Chinese medical art is then to restore harmony within energy flows. The doctor in Chinese acupuncture and pharmacotherapy has developed their own diagnostic tools and therapeutic methods. These refer to philosophical approaches and a medical theory developed by Chinese for more than two millennia. The functional approach of TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) is complementary to that of Western academic medicine. Doctors in Chinese acupuncture and pharmacotherapy advise their patients on a healthy lifestyle and dietetics to adopt and use the methods that are Chinese pharmacotherapy, acupuncture and moxibustion (use of cupping) to treat patients’ diseases. They also offer the practice of Qi Gong, Tai Chi and Tuina. Their main activities are:


Receive in consultation patients with diseases or conditions that are amenable to treatment by any of the methods listed above (diseases of the mouth, respiratory tract, gastrointestinal disorders, eye disorders, neurological disorders, skin, psychosomatic disorders, chronic pain, etc.);     establish a diagnosis through a thorough history (interview about the patient’s history);     perform a comprehensive “energy” examination based primarily on palpation of the pulse on the radial artery at the wrist and careful observation of the tongue;


Assess whether the symptoms can be treated by one or more methods or whether to refer the patient to another specialist (specialist in surgery, oncology, radiology, etc.);     apply adequate treatment, not for the purpose of removing the symptom (s) of which the patient complains, but rather with the intention of restoring the harmony of all the physical or psychological functions of the patient;     reduce sensitivity to pain (cramps, severe digestive disorders, acute sciatica, pain during childbirth, etc.) through acupuncture, auriculotherapy or moxibustion;     offer pharmacotherapy based on natural products;     encourage patients to have a better lifestyle (behavioral and food);     encourage patients to practice Tai Chi, Qi Gong or Tuina in order to remobilize their vital energy. Recognized ASCA and reimbursed by your complementary insurance

Traditional acupuncture

40min CHF 100.-


60min CHF 120.-

The massage helps to relieve tension, relieve muscle contractions and oxygenate the body.

Personalized massage

60min CHF120.-

Invite your senses to discover the benefits of the best massages adapted to your needs and thus find a full harmony of body and mind.

For pains

For your joint and muscular pains, cervicalgia, back pain, torticollis, sciatica, muscle cramps, lumbago, herniated disc, tendonitis ….

We offer a course of 6 sessions at CHF 600.- 10 sessions at CHF 950.-

For chronic disorder

Asthma, sinusitis, bronchitis, obesity, diabetes, gout, varicose veins, hemorrhoids, phlebitis, anemia, lipid metabolism disorders, hyper and hypotension.

We offer a course of 6 sessions at CHF 600.- 10 sessions at CHF 950.-

Skin improvement

Eczema, acne. psoriasis, herpes, shingles, urticaria, boils, itching, dermatitis, abscess.

We offer a course of 6 sessions at CHF 600.- 10 sessions at CHF 950.-

Fertility improvement

Menstrual disorders, menopause, cystitis, andropause, prostatitis, infertility, impotence frigidity, infections, vaginitis,

We offer a course of 6 sessions at CHF 600.- 10 sessions at CHF 950.-

Emotional relief

Apathy, depression, stress, anxiety, nervousness, insomnia ….

We offer a course of 6 sessions at CHF 600.- 10 sessions at CHF 950.-

For neurological disorders

Dizziness, facial neuralgia, hemiplegia, headaches, tinnitus, migraines, peripheral neuropathies.

We offer a course of 6 sessions at CHF 600.- 10 sessions at CHF 950.-

Intestinal and stomach relief

Nausea, vomiting, colitis, gastritis, hyperacidity of the stomach, constipation, diarrhea, various ulcers.

We offer a course of 6 sessions at CHF 600.- 10 sessions at CHF 950.-

A therapeutic potential in constant evolution Used for more than 3,500 years, the Chinese pharmacology includes some thousands of substances, more than 300 of which are in common use. Much of the knowledge of this pharmacopoeia comes from traditional folk practice, but Chinese doctors have also accumulated a wealth of data and experiences over time. Today, pharmacology and research continue to deepen this millennial therapy, while contemporary practitioners are developing new treatments, better adapted to the ills of our time. The Chinese pharmacopoeia is therefore a living approach.

Some of the plants commonly used in Traditional Chinese Medicine are familiar to us, like liquorice or verbena. Many are however little or not known here and do not even have a French name. Traditional Chinese herbal medicine relies on the combined effect of the various components of the plant. And it is common to use several plants at the same time to achieve a “preparation”. This benefits from the combined powers of several ingredients and minimizes the side effects that could result from taking a single plant in large quantities.

Another fundamental element, herbs are chosen specifically according to the person to be treated. The “right” medicine is suitable for one person and not another. To prescribe a plant or a preparation, the practitioner must understand not only the underlying causes of the symptoms, but the nature of his patient. It takes into account two elements during a herbal medication: the relevance of the medication and the quality of the plants as such. As for the quality of the imported herbs: each plant is controlled and approved by Swissmedic, without the authorization of Swissmedic the plant can not be sold. Chinese herbs are packaged either as a powder that will be dissolved in hot water or as tablets (easy to use).


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