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For your well-being

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CHF90.- for 3 months

We offer various specialised body treatments. Choose from our massages and our specialist care …

Discovering world massages among any kind, deeply rooted with ancient shamanic culture, we offer Chinese tuina, Thai massage, belly emotional release massage, detox massage, hand feet head reflexology, Swedish massage, relaxant massage, slimming massage, you could easily find your fit based on your personal needs.

Shamanic massage

90min-CHF 180.- /Member: CHF 150.-

Let me take you on a guided journey into the shamanic worlds, challenging your senses, letting go, losing yourself and finding yourself within your soul.

A blend of massage, hypnotic induction and shamanic percussion that releases heaviness, tension and blockages in the body, mind and heart, allowing you to re-harmonize into your wholeness and travel into deeper realms of consciousness.

To relieve physical tension, alleviate stress and fatigue, mental and emotional distress, and help balance and align your entire system.

A hypnotic induction, I will relax your body through suggestion, massage and breathing exercises, your body will be totally relaxed but your mind will remain focused.

Using my suggestion and your imagination, you will travel through the portal of your choice to a mystical and enchanting realm, you will explore meadows, woods, beaches and whatever else your mind takes you to.
In the lower world, you may encounter your power animal, lakes and plants with healing properties, lost people, peaceful and soothing waterfalls.
In the upper world, you may discover castles supported by clouds, mythical creatures, dragons, unicorns, and perhaps even your spirit guide.

The only limit is your imagination.

3 types of therapies in one session

A deeply relaxing full body massage
A hypnotic relaxation induction
A customized guided journey to the realm of your choice.
Customized guided journey

A discussion and questionnaire will allow me to personalize your session, help you find the answers to your questions, take you to a special place you wish to go, meet/reconnect with someone special/deceased or simply relax and enjoy this new experience.

Renata França Lymphatic Drainage

This massage differs from the traditional method by using firm pressure, exclusive movements and a steady rhythm. This technique reduces edema, activates blood circulation and potentiates a complex network of vessels where body fluids pass. The results are immediate and very often visible to the naked eye: the body is curved and less swollen, the metabolism is accelerated. After the massage, the sensations of well-being, lightness and detox are assured. Massages are performed as part of an accompaniment and solution approaches to the exclusion of any medical (or paramedical) objective and can in no way substitute for medical advice.

Signature Chinese massage

45 min-CHF 90.- /60 min CHF 120.- / 75 min CHF 150.- /90 min CHF 175.-

/ Membre: 45min CHF 70.- / 60min CHF 80.-/ 75min CHF 110.- / 90min CHF 120.-

Accupressure and technique of TUINA will give you a real relaxation of muscles and spirit.

Australian back massage

30 min CHF 60.- /Membre 30min CHF 45.-

Mostly advised for men and adapted to women.
Real stretching of the back through strong pressures which are slow and deep for a relaxation feeled in the medium term.

Swedish massage

45 min-CHF 90.- /60 min CHF 120.- / 75 min CHF 150.- /90 min CHF 175.-

/Member: 45min CHF 70.- / 60min CHF 80.-/ 75min CHF 100.- / 90min CHF 120.-

Advised to sportsperson
Detoxification of the body and absolute relaxation further to a deep and rapid massage.

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage

45 min-CHF 90.- /60 min CHF 120.- / 75 min CHF 150.- /90 min CHF 175.-

/Member: 45min CHF 70.- / 60min CHF 80.-/ 75min CHF 100.- / 90min CHF 120.-

This very slow massage resumes the wave movements and allows you to let go and a full disconnection though the rocking motion.

Thai Feet Reflexology

45 min-CHF 90.- /60 min CHF 120.-

/Member: 45min CHF 70.- / 60min CHF 80.-/

Thai foot reflexology is said to be a marriage between reflexology, Chinese Tuina, Japanese Shiatsu, and Indian Ayurvedi oga. It works on the feet, lower leg, and knees, freeing up blocked energy in the body’s Thai-based meridians to create a feeling of deep relaxation, balance, and well-being.

Facial kobido massage

60 min CHF 120.- /Membre: 60min CHF 85.-

It is a traditional Japanese facial using ancient massage techniques, a deep facial massage that has a real lifting effect. The Kobido facial allows you to tone up your face to preserve its firmness and tone and prevent the signs of aging. It will restore firmness to the muscles of the face while reducing tension and tightness responsible for expression lines. During the massage, the muscles of the skin are pinched, rolled, twisted…in a dynamic but pleasant way. After an hour of neck and face massage, you really feel that all the skin on your face is very firm, plumped up, and plumped up like a real natural face lift.

Hot stone massage

75 min CHF 135.- (only from October to April) /Membre: 75min CHF 139.-

Your ally against cold and greyness, this heating massage releases tensions through the heat of the stones. It balances energies and we are working essentially on your chakras.
Not recommended to persons with circulatory problems.


Thai oil massage

45 min-CHF 90.- /60 min CHF 120.- / 75 min CHF 150.- /90 min CHF 175.-

/Member: 45min CHF 70.- / 60min CHF 80.-/ 75min CHF 100.- / 90min CHF 120.-

Thai massage or Thai yoga massage is a traditional therapy combining acupressure, Indian Ayurvedic principles, and assisted yoga postures. This massage is developed by our therapists to have therapeutic results but relaxing at the same time, the techniques we use are on a table with very little oil.


Chi Nei Tsang

45 min-CHF 90.- /60 min CHF 120.- / 75 min CHF 150.- /90 min CHF 175.-

/Member: 45min CHF 70.- / 60min CHF 80.-/ 75min CHF 100.- / 90min CHF 120.-

Chi Nei Tsang is a therapeutic massage that quickly disperses the blockages in your abdomen and promotes the free flow of energy in your whole body. During the session you will be given self-healing tools that will empower you to take full responsibility for your health. Five sessions are recommended to detoxify and revitalize your five vital organs.

Crystal healing

45 min-CHF 90.- /60 min-CHF 120.- / 75 min-CHF 150.- /90 min-CHF 175.-

/ Membre: 45min CHF 65.- / 60min CHF 80.-/ 75min CHF 99.- / 90min CHF 120.-

Crystal is a technique that uses the properties of stones and crystals in order to provide beneficial results for our clients. The stones and crystals act on the physical and psychic level by rebalancing the vital functions of the body.

Pair massage

45 min-CHF 189.- /60 min-CHF 229.-

Enjoy a unique moment to relax yourself next to each other.

Inspired by shamanic rituals coming from different continents, these trips are timeless breaks which will bring softness, relaxation and peace to your body and an escape for your mind… the time of half a day for an exquisite moment of well-being with your dream destination! All the rituels will combine body massage, shamanic journeying, shamanic drumming, breath work, stretching, crystal healing, psychic reading and Tibetan bowl sound therapy.


Shamanic ritual

Shamanism is a set of forms of mediation between humans and spirits, carried out by shamans, embodying this function in interdependence with the community that recognizes them as such and for which they are supposed to intercede with the spirits.

The word shamanism (shaman comes from Tungus) links this practice to traditional Siberian societies, but shamanism, because of the practices found among many peoples, has a universal character.

Animist and shamanic traditions are not distinct religious traditions, but they both participate in an understanding of the world through spiritual or symbolic experiences.

Scientific studies consider that it is a practice that implies that a practitioner, usually the shaman, reaches modified states of consciousness in order to perceive and interact with what he considers to be a spiritual world and in order to channel transcendent energies present in this world, with the aim of serving his community.

Since the end of the sixties, a growing interest in cultures, shamanic practices and their spiritual dimension has been developing in certain currents of the western counter-culture.

I learned the shamanic practices that come from TIBET, AUSTRALIA, AND PERU.

120min Fee: 300.00 CHF /Member: 220.00 CHF

During this ritual, I will mix all the techniques to analyze your body and personalize your treatment.

Techniques will include: Lithotherapy, breathing exercises, full body massage, shea butter body wrap, intuitive blending of essential oils, Himalayan salt body scrub, Tibetan bowl, shamanic percussion, Guasha face lift, and hypnotic shamanic induction.

Before the session, at the time you make the appointment, I will use my remote vision to analyze all aspects of your life and send you the personalized program according to your energy state.


Dream destinations

1h30 CHF 175.-

30 min of exfoliation + 30 min of massage + 30 min of envelopment / 30 min of exfoliation + 60 min of massage

Trips at the end of the world

2h CHF 199.-

30 min of exfoliation + 60 min of massage + 30 min of envelopment/ 30 min of exfoliation + 90 min of massage

Luxury trips

Trips at the end of the world + facial treatment “radiance to the face” 30 min 275.-
Dream destination + suited facial treatment 60 min CHF 289.-

Timeless for her

2h30 CHF 299.-
Footbath swirls in our Pedispa with massaging chair + massage of foot + exfoliation of full body with scents of flowers of frangipani and coconut + 30 min of envelopment mask with shea butter and massage of the scalp and of the face + 60 min of massage with amber-based sandalwood.

Our stop « You and me » together

1h30 CHF 305.-

45 min of massage + crystal healing facial treatment.


Future mums and new mums

45 min CHF 100.- / After delivery 50 min CHF 120.-
From the fourth month, our energetic therapist will accompany ou the whole journey of your pregnancy for relaxing your body and soul, suggestions, advices, ideal position to sit or lay and listening to your stories will be part of our specific treatment. Then, the first contact with your baby will be established, from the 4th week after the delivery, a gentle but deep massage will re-establish your whole system to help you slowly regain your body shape and  energy.

Escape from the routines for mums

90 min CHF145.-
Give yourself a special moment to relax by this ritual which includes a energetic massage and an adapted facial or feet treatment.


Connection Ritual Mom and Child

60min CHF 140.-/Member:CHF120.-

If you are pregnant, you need a moment to connect your body soul and spirit with your child. This ritual is for you. We will discuss together your needs and also listen to the needs of your baby to establish this ritual, especially to help you create this mother child connection as early as possible spiritually. You will understand already how to build a connection with your baby from your pregnancy spiritually, we will teach you how to better communicate with the soul of your baby when we perform the first treatment on you.

According to

Every pregnancy is unique, but you may notice some signs of pregnancy before you even realize you have not had your period. Some of these early signs include:

Implantation bleeding.


Feeling hot.

A faster heartbeat.

Mood swings.

Bloating and constipation.




Weight gain

Stuffy nose.


Frequent urination.

Swollen and tender breasts.

Morning sickness.

Cravings, disgust and sensitivity to odors.


Skin changes.

We are here to relieve you of all the discomforts during your pregnancy and offer you solutions between adapted facials with natural products and body care that can stimulate your immune system, calm your anxiety, relieve pain, help your souls to make already a connection to facilitate the delivery and breastfeeding.



Miracle belly massage

Prix: 45min at CHF 100.-

6 sessions at  CHF 500.- 12 sessions at CHF 950.-

This massage is extremely gentle and deep which works specially for restart the elimination of the toxins, re-establish the hormone system and metabolism, reduce the pain and release all the emotional problems, this massage is a perfect start before you do a slimming cure.

Anti-cellulite slimming program of 30 minutes on specific requested areas

30min CHF 75.- 6 sessions at CHF 420.- 12 sessions at CHF 800.-

Anti-cellulite massages improve your appearance and your opinion about yourself; this 30-minute massage enables to strengthen your shape combining a deep kneading which reduces cellulite, and with a drainage.

Chinese slimming massage

Price: 45mintes for targeted areas CHF 80.-

6 sessions at CHF 450.- 12 sessions at CHF 850.-

This massage is adapted to every client’s needs and lifestyle, we use accupressure on targeted area to reduce the hungry feeling and stimulate the circulation of the whole body in order to eliminate the toxine to reach the slimming objective.

Slimming cure

Offer 1: Basic cure

Personalized analysis of food diary

3sessions of personalized sportive coaching

6 sessions of slimming massage with technology (lipocavitation, radio frequency and cryolipolysis) 45min per session
3 Localized wrap adapted to the needs with scalp massage or foot reflexology during the wrap
CHF1199.- instead of CHF 1649.-

Offer 2:

Personalized analysis of food diary

Nutrition course based on Chinese medicine and food chart
Cure of 8 sessions of slimming massage with technology (lipocavitation, radio frequency and cryolipolysis) 45min per session
5 Localized wrap adapted to the needs with scalp massage or foot reflexology offered A dietary Food supplement with natural plants and a slimming or firming cream.
A surprise gift
5sessions of personalized sportive coaching

1619sfr instead of 2299sfr

Offer 3: Health balance nutrition and beauty
Cure of 12 massage sessions
7 Localized wrap adapted to the needs with scalp massage or reflexology offered during the wrap
A draining drinking cure
An additional food cure
A slimming or firming product
Customized maintenance program
A 20% discount on a facial
An entrance to the wellness spa
Personalized follow-up during the cure on request
2 surprise gifts

8sessions of personalized sportive coaching
2399sfr instead of 3099sfr

Professional Personal  training

3sessions CHF350.-

5sessions CHF520.-

10sessions CHF900.-

DNA Diet test

The diet and healthy weight DNA test can help you understand why you can’t lose those extra pounds or reach your ideal weight.
Personalized consultation
Nutrition course based on Chinese medicine
professional Interpretation of the DNA test
3-month follow-up

Detox program

CHF 350
Personalised consultation
1h personalized Coaching of your lifestyle, health and food
Nutrition course based on Chinese medicine offered
3-month follow-up
shake products

Analyzing your diet

CHF 200
45min of analysis coaching
Personalised balance sheet offered
Nutrition course at the base of Chinese medicine offered

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