I wanted to thank you for the appointment at Above the sky, it was a marvelous gommage and massage, thank you very much for accommodating me! I will definitely be back! Liz 07.2015

Belated happy mother’s day to me! Just enjoyed a fabulous stay-cation at above the sky spa. Go and see the team and feel amazing! Especially for the healing massage. Don’t let the stress of being an entrepreneur lead to burn out, go take care of yourself.

I had the most amazing massage with Serge, His touch was so light, but released me in to a completely amazing state, that is did not know was possible, both  during the massage and after, I can still feel his touch now, 24hours later, he helped to understand why things were happening to my body, released all those bad energies and told me what i could do about it. Women have very special needs, and I will not spoil the surprise for you, you need to go there and discover it yourselves. The staff was amazing and so friendly, service impeccable, not to mention the graciousness of he hostess, I cannot wait for my next appointment! Ethel 12.2015

I went yesterday to see Serge, I am nearly 7months pregnant and I could not believe how strong I felt after such a gentle treatment, this that I am generally apprehensive doing in my pregnant state were suddenly easy. Truly in awe. Joanna, 04.2015

J’ai testé le massage énergétique après l’accouchement, à cause des douleur de contraction très fort, je suis très méfiante de ce gendre de soin enégetique, après 17minutes, de soins, je sentais la douleur est parti doucement, et jamais revenue, je pense qu’il a un don et on peut pas expliqué pourquoi, pour ma 2eme grossesss, je continuer temps en temps les soins avec lui pour préaprer mon accouchement et retrouver mon énergie. Sophie 11.2016

The staff takes time to chat with clients and suggest them the best treatment, not over sell the products or treatments or anything, when you finish your treatments, you just feel you met angles. Claudia 05.2015

I am very fussy with manicure and pedicure, but I really enjoyed the experience at above the sky, I have dried my nail polish on the massage chair and it made me so relaxed after my tough day before Christmas, now I am ready for holiday and will definitely be back often. Brigitte 12. 2016






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