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Classic hair removal

We use a variety of Lycon waxes in the salon. Hot waxes can target hair growth as short as 1mm and we use this for facial, underarm and bikini waxing. It is applied in a specialized technique and quickly removed. Larger areas like legs and arms we use Lycon strip wax cartridges which is applied quickly and thinly to the area with a paper strip to remove hair growth. We are professional trained in hot waxing for intimate areas and there is absolutely no need to feel embarrassed. When you come in you will be taken to the treatment room where you will be left to remove your underwear, freshen up with the wipes provided then simply lie on the treatment couch with a modesty towel and you are ready to go.

Face by specific area CHF 18.- Member 11.-

Armpit CHF 19.- Member 12.-

Simple bikini CHF 29.- Member 18.-

Brasilian bikini CHF 49.- Member 30.-

American bikini CHF 59.- Member 36.-

Full bikini CHF 69.- Member 42.-

S.I.F. CHF 18.- Member 11.-

Belly CHF 18.- Member 11.-

Half legs CHF 48.- Member 29.-

Thighs CHF 49.- Member 30.-

¾ of legs CHF 69.- Member 42.-

Full legs CHF 79.- Member 48.-

Half arms CHF 28.- Member 17.-

Full arms CHF 39.-

Permenant hair removal

We practice permanent hair removal for the whole body with the latest and tested modern technology based on selected photo-thermolysis.  Our cutting edge medical machine which combines a few different technologies such as laser or intense pulsed lights can reach the best result for even thin and very light colored hair or very dark skin. It is the best permanent hair removal method nowadays.

One session per month, 4-6 sessions are suggested according to the area.

packaged price on demande,

Promotion price/ ilimited price/ time

face per area 59sfr/279sfr/5min
classic bikini 69sfr/299sfr/5-10min
bresilian bikini79sfr/379sfr/5-10min
complete bikini 89sfr/399sfr/15min
1/2legs 199sfr/925sfr/15min
Complet legs 299sfr/1399sfr/25min
Armpits 99sfr/479sfr/5-10min
Complet arms229sfr/999sfr/15mi
Shoulders 99sfr/479sfr/15min
Back 299sfr/1399sfr/25min
Chest 259sfr/1199sfr/20min
Belly 159sfr/699sfr/10min
Bottom 199sfr/899sfr/10min
Anus 69sfr/299sfr/5min

Special offer !!! 2500sfr for the whole body (60-75min)

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