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We offer various body treatments. Choose from our massages and our specialist care …

Treatment to oxygenate the back

50 min CHF 75.-

Complete treatment adapted to your needs with a cleansing, exfoliation, mask and a massage. Skin is purified and the body is freed from tensions.

Body scrub

30 min CHF 50.-

Scrubs made with precious ingredients, they light up and smooth your skin while perfuming it with a delicious scent.

From the whole world then reviewed in Provence (South France), the MySpa exfoliations respect traditions and have been realized in a spirit of creation. Sometimes ancestral, sometimes innovative, these exfoliations sublimate every type of skin. They can be adapted according to preferences, textures and perfumes.

3-1 effect : Cleansing – Scrubing – Nourishing


Miracle belly massage

Prix: 45min at CHF 100.-

6 sessions at  CHF 500.- 12 sessions at CHF 950.-

This massage is extremely gentle and deep which works specially for restart the elimination of the toxins, re-establish the hormone system and metabolism, reduce the pain and release all the emotional problems, this massage is a perfect start before you do a slimming cure.

Anti-cellulite slimming program of 30 minutes on specific requested areas

30min CHF 75.- 6 sessions at CHF 420.- 12 sessions at CHF 800.-

Anti-cellulite massages improve your appearance and your opinion about yourself; this 30-minute massage enables to strengthen your shape combining a deep kneading which reduces cellulite, and with a drainage.

Chinese slimming massage

Price: 45mintes for targeted areas CHF 80.-

6 sessions at CHF 450.- 12 sessions at CHF 850.-

This massage is adapted to every client’s needs and lifestyle, we use accupressure on targeted area to reduce the hungry feeling and stimulate the circulation of the whole body in order to eliminate the toxine to reach the slimming objective.

Slimming cure

Offer 1: Basic cure

Personalized analysis of food diary

3sessions of personalized sportive coaching

6 sessions of slimming massage with technology (lipocavitation, radio frequency and cryolipolysis) 45min per session
3 Localized wrap adapted to the needs with scalp massage or foot reflexology during the wrap
CHF1199.- instead of CHF 1649.-

Offer 2:

Personalized analysis of food diary

Nutrition course based on Chinese medicine and food chart
Cure of 8 sessions of slimming massage with technology (lipocavitation, radio frequency and cryolipolysis) 45min per session
5 Localized wrap adapted to the needs with scalp massage or foot reflexology offered A dietary Food supplement with natural plants and a slimming or firming cream.
A surprise gift
5sessions of personalized sportive coaching

1619sfr instead of 2299sfr

Offer 3: Health balance nutrition and beauty
Cure of 12 massage sessions
7 Localized wrap adapted to the needs with scalp massage or reflexology offered during the wrap
A draining drinking cure
An additional food cure
A slimming or firming product
Customized maintenance program
A 20% discount on a facial
An entrance to the wellness spa
Personalized follow-up during the cure on request
2 surprise gifts

8sessions of personalized sportive coaching
2399sfr instead of 3099sfr

Professional Personal  training

3sessions CHF350.-

5sessions CHF520.-

10sessions CHF900.-

DNA Diet test

The diet and healthy weight DNA test can help you understand why you can’t lose those extra pounds or reach your ideal weight.
Personalized consultation
Nutrition course based on Chinese medicine
professional Interpretation of the DNA test
3-month follow-up

Detox program

CHF 350
Personalised consultation
1h personalized Coaching of your lifestyle, health and food
Nutrition course based on Chinese medicine offered
3-month follow-up
shake products

Analyzing your diet

CHF 200
45min of analysis coaching
Personalised balance sheet offered
Nutrition course at the base of Chinese medicine offered

Slimming treatmens by cavitation, radio frequency, ultrasound and cryolipolyse

Price: Mini cure of 6 sessions of 30min at CHF 450.- /60min at CHF 900.- One session per week

Complete cure of 12sessions of  30min at CHF 850.- /60min at CHF 1600.- One session per week

We garantee your result.

Our cure is combines with all the latest cutting edge technologies on the market.

We define your cure according to the need of each person, the free consultation and a trial session will give you a general idea about where you should go. This cure is adapted to women and men. You can choose a cure of 6 weeks, 2 months or 3months.

It is also strongly suggested to maintain the quantity of water consumption in order to assist the elimination of toxins from the body. These non-invasive treatments are ideal for those who have tried everything including dieting and/or physical exercises but still have weight or size issues, who aim to achieve a graceful and balanced body. It remains important to maintain a healthy lifestyle (integrating healthy eating and regular workouts) in conjunction with treatments by all technologies.
We work with and for coaching sport coaching nutrition.

La lipocavitation

The “cavitation” effect is the formation of micro bubbles of vapor due to the treatment of a liquid with low frequency ultrasounds (20 KHz to 35 KHz). If the intensity of the ultrasounds is adequate, can cause the formation, growth and a rapid explosion of the vapor bubbles, with the consequent release of energy. If the energy of the shock waves is released in the proximity of the fat cells, we are seeing a real cell lysis, with a marked reduction of localized fat (the so-called cavitation lipolysis). The technology is not available for the italian and french market .

A good candidate for cavitation is a person who is trying to get rid off of some targeted fat from certain areas of the body such as hips, thighs, buttocks, tummy, back, calves still arms.

How often ?Once a week between 6-12 weeks then once a month.


The radiofrequency consists in the generation of endogenous heat in the inner layers of the skin through the transmission of an electromagnetic field. The affected tissues develop heat in proportion to the intensity of the induced current, the resistance opposed by the tissues and the duration of treatment. In the field of aesthetics is used in the treatment of skin laxity caused by different processes of aging. Thanks to radio frequency, anti-aging effect is particularly evident at the level of the eye, face and neck, but also abdomen, inner thighs and arms are highly improved.

A good candidate for radio frequency is a person who is looking for a method to firm and tonify the body and skin.

How often ?Once a week between 6-12 weeks then once a month.


Ultrasounds are acoustic vibrations with a frequency greater than human hearing (20,000 Hz), issued by transducers able to turn them into “mechanical energy”. Applying these transducers on the areas to be treated, it causes the penetration of ultrasounds in the tissue concerned, depending on the frequency of emission (which varies from 1 to 3 MHz) can be obtained several beneficial effects. The main ones are a reactive vasodilation, due to termic effect, and one by mechanical disruption of collagen in tissues. Both are particularly useful in the treatment of localized fat reduction which is very similar as cavitation.

How often ? Once a week between 6-12 weeks then once a month.


It is a technology based on the observation that the fat cells (adipocytes) are sensitive to the cold: cryolipolysis means literally destruction of the fat by the cold. Fat cells are destroyed and phased out within a few weeks. First, the skin is aspirated and then frozen. A gel pad protects the treated area. The temperature drops below zero and is continuously monitored by the instrument.

A good candidate for cryolipolysis is a person who seeks to remove belly fat and hips with a significant amount of fat.

How often? Once per 6-12 weeks

M.C.A. (Multitrepannic Collagen Actuation)

Price: according to the difficulty and zone

What is MCA?

MCA is a non-surgical and a natural way to make the body’s own cells to regenerate and reduce wrinkles. The MCA is painless, completely safe, which is  an excellent alternative to filler or botox injections.

The result?

This treatment is to relax the narrowed scars, plump the “valley” of wrinkles (causing them to fill), and “white scars” can often be re-pigmented to better match the tones of the skin. The MCA can even be applied to the rounds of the mouth, re-pulped and relieve small wrinkles around the lip area. The results of MCA last much longer more affordable. Usually, only our experienced therapist who is practicing MCA can get the best results.

How often? once a month for 4-6 sessions then one session per year

Glycolic Acid Peel to renew your skin

Price: Acne or skin pigmentation from CHF 150.-

Wrinkles from CHF 180.-

Whole face CHF 350.-

Exact price on demand after consultation

What is it?

Glycolic Acid Peel involves applying a trichloroacetic acid solution to the skin to create a chemical exfoliation. This controlled peel is only working on the necessary places which is less aggressive than a usual peeling in clinics, it means that this product only reacts on wrinkles, skin pigmentation or scars to treat where the skin actually needs, stimulates the skin with an intense cellular renewal.

Result: Glycolic Acid Peel allows to smooth the wrinkles, to remove the age spots, to erase certain scars, to rejuvenate the skin visibly. It reveals a smoother fresh and unified skin. Here, we distinguish the Glycolic Acid Peel at 15%, 20%, 25% and 30% of acidity. It is important to prepare your skin 2 weeks before the Glycolic Acid Peel, follow strictly advices from your specialist in peelings. Immediately after the Glycolic Acid Peel, the skin is red. This treatment leads to a more or less important desquamation of the skin. During this phase, the epidermis is renewed,  which lasts for about 1 month.

How often? One session of TCA peeling may be enough, depending on the condition of your skin, this treatment could be repeated every 3 months – 6 months.

Medical microdermabrasion

Price CHF 299.-

What is microdermabrasion?

Microdermabrasion is a non-invasive technique that exfoliates the skin to promote cell renewal and tonify tissues. The new generation of microdermabrasion works by very fast vibrations.The interchangeable head (silicon carbide) performs the orbital movements allowing a better elimination of the stratum corneum in the smallest corners of the face and a reduction in the appearance of superficial fine lines. Thanks to micro-pulsations, the skin and the facial muscles receive the micro-massage which stimulates the blood circulation of skin tissue. The production of new collagen is stimulated.

Results? The perfectly cleansed skin instantly finds its clarity and thus appears smoother, firmer and radiant. During the session, some vibrations will be perceived and you will see slight redness depending on your skin type, which will fade the next day. The amazing effect is can be seen immediately from the first treatment.

How often? Generally, 1 session every 4-6 weeks is advised.

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