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We offer various body treatments. Choose from our massages and our specialist care …

Awakening of senses

CHF 50.- / Membre: CHF 30.-

Facial and scalp massage to allow a full body relaxation.

Back comfort massage

CHF 70.- / Membre: CHF 42.-

Back massage allows relieving tensions, to ease muscular contractions and to oxygenate the body.

Plantar reflexology

45 min CHF 90.- / Membre: CHF 54.-

Massage of feet and of the arch of the foot, plantar reflexology allows to fight against stress as well as tensions in the body.

Massage of the back part (back, neck, the head and the whole body)

45 min-CHF 100.- /60 min-CHF 135.- / 75 min-CHF 165.- /90 min-CHF 195.-

/ Membre: 45min CHF 60.- / 60min CHF 81.-/ 75min CHF 99.- / 90min CHF 117.-

We are concentrating of the back part of the body, the best massages are adapted to your needs and rediscover a harmony of body & mind.

Personalized massage

45 min-CHF 100.- /60 min-CHF 135.- / 75 min-CHF 165.- /90 min-CHF 195.-

/ Membre: 45min CHF 60.- / 60min CHF 81.-/ 75min CHF 99.- / 90min CHF 117.-

The mixed techniques are adapted to your needs and rediscover a harmony of body & mind.

Pair massage

45 min-CHF 159.- /60 min-CHF 229.-

Enjoy a unique moment to relax yourself next to each other.

 Treatment to oxygenate the back

50 min CHF 85.-

Complete treatment adapted to your needs with a cleansing, exfoliation, mask and a massage. Skin is purified and the body is freed from tensions.

Signature Chinese massage

45 min-CHF 110.- /60 min CHF 145.- / 75 min CHF 175.- /90 min CHF 205.-

/ Membre: 45min CHF 69.- / 60min CHF 89.-/ 75min CHF 119.- / 90min CHF 139.-

Accupressure and technique of TUINA will give you a real relaxation of muscles and spirit.

Australian back massage

30 min CHF 70.- /Membre 30min CHF 49.-

Mostly advised for men and adapted to women.
Real stretching of the back through strong pressures which are slow and deep for a relaxation feeled in the medium term.

Swedish massage

60 min CHF 135.- /Membre 60min CHF 89.-

Advised to sportsperson
Detoxification of the body and absolute relaxation further to a deep and rapid massage.

Rhythmic Mexican massage

60 min CHF 135.-/Membre 60min CHF 89.-

Rhythmic and energizing massage. The salsa music manœuvre will soothe you.

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage

30 min- CHF 70.- / 60 min – CHF 135.- / Membre 30min CHF49.- /60min CHF 89.-

This very slow massage resumes the wave movements and allows you to let go and a full disconnection though the rocking motion.

Polynesian massage with warm shells

60 min CHF 145.- /Membre: 60min CHF 109.-

Heating massage, soft and using a smooth shell. Combining the benefits of a massage with heat and with gentleness of the shell, this massage will offer you a moment of fulfillment.

Candle massage

60 min CHF 145.- /Membre: 60min CHF 109.-

The candle by heating, gives enveloping oil as you could wish. Several fragrances are offered upon choice.

Hot stone massage

75 min CHF 175.- (only from October to April) /Membre: 75min CHF 139.-

Your ally against cold and greyness, this heating massage releases tensions through the heat of the stones. It balances energies and we are working essentially on your chakras.
Not recommended to persons with circulatory problems.

Energetic treatments

Our wellness and energy specialist, who is specialized in energetic treatment to optimize the treatment results: such as improved transit and lymphatic circulation.


Reiki is a form of alternative medicine developed in 1922 by Japanese Buddhist Mikao UsuiReiki practitioners use a technique called palm healing or hands-on healing through which a “universal energy” is allegedly transferred through the palms of the practitioner to the patient in order to encourage emotional or physical healing.

Energetic and re-balancing massage

75 min CHF 150.-

This massage re balances all systems, soothes nervous, muscular tensions and stimulates the whole  body: drainage with light gestures but acts in depth.

“Discover your second brain”

30 min CHF 70.-

This very gentle massage helps to revitalize the functioning of the organs, stimulates your transit and releases the toxins. Considered as the 2nd brain, the belly keeps emotions and tensions, so it is important to release it regularly .

Future mums and new mums

45 min CHF 100.- / After delivery 50 min CHF 120.-
From the fourth month, our energetic therapist will accompany ou the whole journey of your pregnancy for relaxing your body and soul, suggestions, advices, ideal position to sit or lay and listening to your stories will be part of our specific treatment. Then, the first contact with your baby will be established, from the 4th week after the delivery, a gentle but deep massage will re-establish your whole system to help you slowly regain your body shape and  energy.

Escape from the routines for mums

90 min CHF 180.-
Give yourself a special moment to relax by this ritual which includes a energetic massage and an adapted facial or manucure.

Inspired by rituals coming from different continents, these trips are timeless breaks which will bring softness, relaxation and peace to your body and an escape for your mind… the time of half a day for an exquisite moment of well-being with your dream destination!


Dream destinations

1h30 CHF 175.-

30 min of exfoliation + 30 min of massage + 30 min of envelopment / 30 min of exfoliation + 60 min of massage

Trips at the end of the world

2h CHF 199.-

30 min of exfoliation + 60 min of massage + 30 min of envelopment/ 30 min of exfoliation + 90 min of massage

Luxury trips

Trips at the end of the world + facial treatment “radiance to the face” 30 min 275.-
Dream destination + suited facial treatment 60 min CHF 289.-

A moment for himself

1h45 CHF 199.-
Footbath swirls in our Pedispa with massaging chair + tonic exfoliation of the footh with citrus fruits + 60 min of oil massage with spiced mandarin + express facial treatment with massage of the scalp and of the face.

Timeless for her

2h30 CHF 299.-
Footbath swirls in our Pedispa with massaging chair + massage of foot + exfoliation of full body with scents of flowers of frangipani and coconut + 30 min of envelopment mask with shea butter and massage of the scalp and of the face + 60 min of massage with amber-based sandalwood.

Our stop « You and me » together

1h30 CHF 305.-

45 min of massage + complete seasonal facial treatment.


Mom & Daughter

1h CHF 159.-

Japanese ritual, 20min manicure and 20min back neck massage or 20min facial, tasty break and floral infusion composed of linden, blackberry and rose petals. A moment of sweetness to find calm and serenity with your mother or daughter.

Dream of Orient

60 min CHF 100.-
Scrub with black soap 25min + Or Rhassoul wrap, Moroccan clay 25min + Oriental massage 25min

Luxury oriental trips

100min CHF 170.-

Scrub with black soap with a glove of Loofah 25min + Moroccan Rhassoul wrap and essential oils (oils adapted to the skin type:
rose, Argan, orange blossom etc) 25min + Hand massage with orange blossom oil 10min + Relaxing back massage with argan oil 30min
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