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6 avril 2017 | Offre actuelle


* Are you a business owner(s)?

* Does your company need to order gift vouchers for your

prestigious clients?

* Are you a business owner of a fitness center or are you looking for a professional team to develop a spa center?

* Are you selling your beauty salon or spa center and would like to transition your clients over to a professional team ?

* Are you a product distributor in Asia and Africa? We export our 100% Swiss made natural product abroad.

We are open to discuss different partnerships with like-minded people and develop our business projects together. Please send us an email to

We will be very happy to hear from you.


We are actively looking for independent masseuse for Switzerland, you must have a valid permit and you are fully covered by Swiss insurance, you have a car and you can transport your materials to client’s house. Please apply on



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