After my trainings and practices since 11 years, I propose you my Shamanic services, all the practices and the guides are around us to help us, protect us and love us. Trust yourself for a new adventure now.

Channeling with your past loved ones

60min-CHF 200.00

I will transfer the message from your loved ones who passed away to you, we will have a meeting and conversation together to solve any existing issues which can influence you and them, help you to release your emotions, help you to get through the grieving process, I will help the spirit of your loved ones to walk to the light, I will teach you how to step by step to heal yourself and heal your loved ones to bring peace and light to all of you.

Learning past life and healing

30min – CHF 100.00

Safely experience one or more of your past lives. You will learn who you truly are, your appearance, your purpose and how your life unfolded. Identify and heal one or more past life traumas that prevent you from following your purpose in the present life. Heal the wound of the « witch hunt », or fear of persecution that prevents you from sharing yourself freely and openly. Release the fears and limiting beliefs that sabotage your chances for success. Regain your self-esteem and confidence and move fearlessly toward your goal. By the end of the meeting, you will have successfully identified and healed one or more past life traumas that are currently preventing you from embracing your authentic self and taking steps to follow and live your life purpose.

Energy and karma Cleansing

60min-CHF 200.00

During this 60 minute session, I will enter your energy field to identify and release toxic energies and attacks that are blocking your flow.
There are 6 main types of energy attacks that can affect you:
Psychic daggers of anger and jealousy that others have sent your way.
Low-level spirits, such as ghosts, that can be attached to your aura and drain your energy.
Groupthink patterns that linger as energy clouds over cities, lowering your vibration and dimming your light.
Residual spatial energy that you pick up as you move through various physical spaces.
Toxic attachments you have made to people, places, beliefs and past lives that drain your life force and control your emotions.
Karmic vows and contracts you made in past lives that are still active today, preventing you from moving forward.
If you do not consciously identify and clear these energies, you are giving permission to outside sources to control your thoughts, emotions and behavior.
During this psychic cleansing session, I will examine your aura, chakras and energy body to identify and list what is troubling your energy. I will then guide you through powerful processes to release the energetic attack, protect your energy, and teach you psychic protection processes that you can use to protect yourself.

Psychic reading

60min-CHF 200.00

I am an channel for you and the source, any message could come from there specially for you.

We will connect by person or online. The message can consist a positive message from someone who has passed away from your loved one or from your higher self regarding your situation or from your spirit guide(s) or from anyone else who may be able to intervene to share their wisdom.
You will get advices on whether there are « heart shields » that are preventing you from attracting love or moving forward in your existing relationship, from being more successful in your business or career, or from finding your true gifts and talents, advices on energetic blocks in you and/or the other person involved that prevent you from healing/liberating or going further in your relationships, from being more intimate or on past lives and karma still present in you and/or the other person involved and the lessons to be learned from them or karma in your business and/or career or ancestral traumas affecting your love life, your professional success, your fertility, etc…or on repressed emotions, limiting beliefs and fears that prevent you from creating the life you want.

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